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Membership Packages

From 1st March you will need to take out our Annual Membership. The Standard Free Memberships will be cancelled on 1st April. (still pending due to technical issue)

The new membership system makes it alot easier and simpler to understand but also, so we can create a fun, safe and confidential enviroment for everyone who attends.


  • BBQs  - Starting may bank holiday 2022 - Every sunday, we will host a BBQ from 1pm - 8pm.  This is bookable in advance via tickets on the events page, it's also half price door entry for the day. (Members only event!) You will be able to spend time with like-minded friends to socialise, have a drink and something to eat. (Play is optional)

We are commited to the safety and privacy of all our members, we hope to be a santuary that shows exceptance and tollerance in a complex and often stressful world.  Weather you're part of the swinging communitity, LGBTQA+ or a fetishist to the core we hope you find this a place you can express and enjoy all your deepest desires and fantasies.


No Membership No Entry


As we are a Private Members Club, from 1st March 2022, you will need to be a member before you can attend an event.

Please go to our Membership Page and select which membership is for you, before your first visit.

This will help to keep our club more discreet.

Happy Swinging.

WT Team x



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